Founder of PILGRIM Movement

Year: 2021
Location: Kolmanskop, Namibia

PILGRIM Movement will receive part of the proceeds from the sale of the print, as you already know. In the HELP field below you can choose the destination of the money you contribute by buying this print.

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Constantin M. Bordian

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Give Water To Thirsty, Help An Orphan

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"I always connected my work to my search for meaning.  I cannot see a fulfillment of purpose in life just by believing in something, without a practical application for this belief.  I show my beliefs, my spirit and my vision in what I do.  You can be the greatest orator, the most charismatic person on earth, but if you do not put in practice what you say, it is meaningless.

Once I clarified the “WHY” question in my mind, my work went global, spanning 6 continents and reaching the furthest corners of the world."

- Sebastian Tirtirau

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Nobody loses!

You buy an original piece of art and 50% are used to install water systems or to care for orphans in Africa!

Only together we can change the world!


There is a possibility that the product you bought may have slightly different colors from those visible on the monitor or mobile device. This is not a problem because the colors on the received product are the real ones and are more intense than those visible on the website or smartphone.

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Customs: Shipments from Romania may experience delays due to country’s regulations for exporting valuable artworks.

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Only together we can change the world!


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