If you have arrived here, you are one of those who care about the needs of others.
200 orphans and 72 water systems are on the urgent waiting list of PILGRIM MOVEMENT.
So 50% of the money for the purchase of a print will go to this cause.


In the section where you choose the type and size of the print, you can also choose how you want your contribution to be used. With a simple click, choose to which type of project you want to donate 50% of the purchase money!
Your money, your choice!


You’ll find only original photos here, all accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and signed by the author, each one adding a splash of color and life to any room.


Artistic captures of reality reveal the artist’s soul like an open book.
You can find emotion, joy, love, fatigue, pain, and sleepless nights in every image.
For photography to become art, it was necessary to cross the world from end to end, making sacrifices, enduring the heat and rains while waiting for the right moment.
But all this was done with love for everything that life means.
Now I offer them to you, relying on your aesthetic sense.


I know that only together we can be support and rescue for the most vulnerable among us.


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