Water is life, children are the future!
The lives of people and children in African villages are in our hands.
This is the only way we can save ourselves.
You buy a painting and actively contribute to offering a better life to people in poor African villages.
Helping others gives us joy and peace in our souls.
Whenever you give, you also receive!

A 20% discount coupon for any future purchases will be emailed to you after your first purchase!

Choose originality and 50% of the price of the print will go to a noble cause

PILGRIM Movement has 600 orphans in care and 162 water systems already installed,
but on the urgent waiting list for Africa there are
over 200 orphans without any help and 45 water systems.

50% of price
donated for Africa

20% discount coupon for future purchases

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Stop buying worthless prints!

Why donate and get nothing in return?

Why waste money on worthless things instead of investing in originality at an affordable price?

Beautify your home, office or any other space with an original artwork, certified and signed by the author.

How many charities have offered you something in return for your donation?

With us you buy, help and earn in one place!

PILGRIM Movement is an organization that cannot function without people and
I am certain that with our help it can change the world.

By purchasing an original photo from this site, which is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, you will actively contribute to the installation of a water system that works for a period of 20 years or to support an orphan from Africa.

Together we can bring hope to people’s souls!
Together we can save lives!
Only together we succeed!

Don’t miss the opportunity to be human!

At an affordable price, you choose an original work of art that will attract the eyes and admiration of those who look at it, and 50% of the money you bought it with can save a life.

And do not forget!

You are what you leave in people’s souls, you are the good you do, you are the joy you give, you are the comforts you give, you are the good example that people take from you and pass on…
You are the memories, the lessons you leave behind…

Leave a legacy that transcends time!

Leave A Legacy That Transcends Time

What People Ask For
And What They Say About Us

Does it take you a long time to decide which print to buy?
Are you still interested in supporting PILGRIM Movement cause?
Take a look at our achievements so far and consider making a small donation.

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